Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Clip in human hair extensions are in trend nowadays. You can use these extensions to thicken and lengthen your hair within minutes. These are widely available at specialist hair extension outlets and stores. Each clip in piece contains a good quantity of hair and therefore sometimes the extension might turn out to be very heavy posing a negative effect on your original hair. It is to be noted that that an 8″ clip in piece should not contain more than 60g hair. These extensions cannot be returned once they are opened because of hygiene reasons. You need to carry out a thorough check of the hair color prior to opening the package.

Shopping around for Hair Extensions

If you want to get a more beautiful and realistic look then it is important for you to choose the best extension that matches the texture and the color of your hair. This will help the extension in blending well with your original hair. You can get hold of different varieties of clip in hair extensions in the market including the branded ones. All the varieties might vary in prices and therefore it is important to shop around and carry out a comparison of prices. One thing that is important for you to know is that clip in hair extensions have two varieties and they are Human and synthetic. The Clip In Human Hair Extensions are generally more expensive than the synthetic hair extensions. However, both the varieties have their distinct advantages.

Clip In Human Hair ExtensionsClip in Hair Extensions made of Human Hair

The Clip In Human Hair Extensions are more versatile because they can easily be colored, curled and relaxed like original hair. The hair for these extensions come from people with long hair. These people cut the tresses of their hair and sold them to the manufacturers. Human hair extensions can easily be washed. You can even make use of a range of hair care products that have been specifically designed to be used on human hair extensions. You also have the option of dyeing these extensions as and when required. These extensions are best for women who prefer free-flowing styles because they are shinier, softer and more tangle-free in comparison to synthetic hair. Human hair is original hair and therefore it is silkier and softer than synthetic and can also be worn in a pool, under the sun and near heat. The clip in hair extensions made using human hair are more durable as well.

Clip in Hair Extensions made of Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic looks natural and is available in a wide range of textures, lengths and colors very similar to natural hair. There are different varieties of synthetic fibers used for making the clip in hair extensions. Synthetic is basically man-made fiber with Toupelon and Kanekalon fibers being the main components. However, it is to be noted that synthetic cannot be permed, curled or colored as it has the tendency of melting if it is exposed to very high heat. Synthetic is less expensive in comparison to hair extensions made of human hair. It is suitable for people looking for ease of care and style. It can be handled very easily because it has this peculiar ability of holding the basic curls post washing. Synthetic hair extensions put very little strain on the scalp or the hair because they are half the weight of extensions made of human hair. Synthetic human hair extensions are used for funky and bright fashion colors like greens, blues and pinks. However, you can also find these funky colors in extensions made of human hair.

The Hair Used in Clip in Human Hair Extensions

The human hair used for making clip in human hair extensions is available from throughout the world like Asia and Europe. Remy hair is one of the most popular varieties of human hair available and it is found in India. Another top quality human hair used for making clip in extensions is European hair. It is considered the best quality human hair because of its strength, lightweight, high protein amount and texture. Yaki hair is the most affordable human hair used for making clip in hair extensions.